Based in HAMBURG 
WORLDWIDE on request

Dijana Zeravica early showed a high affinity for fashion and beauty, so that she visited the 
fashion school in Vienna, Austria. During her studies she learned the handling of pattern, 
material processing and creation of designs, from the sketch to implementation. 
Dijana's love for creativity, may it be photography, miscellaneous media, art, literature 
or of course fashion, have always been a big part of her life.

In 2012 she started to connect her passions and began to work for the fashion platform 
FMD (the Fashion Model Directory / Fashion One Group). Besides journalistic activities, 
she was responsible for organizational tasks and she was responsible for the Social Media sector. 
Dijana's determined skills helped her to achieve the position as Head of Social Media,
in which she was responsible for the sizable reach of the social media channels of this company.
Together with the EIC of FMD, Dijana created and realized the vision of theFMD Magazine 
(loveFMD Magazine), which was released in 2014.Dijana's never ending effort and passion 
led to another promotion as Deputy EIC for the platform FMD as well for the loveFMD Magazine. 
Throughout her work for the Magazine, Dijana incorporated her talent for Styling and Creative 
as well as Art Direction, in numerous photoshootings.

Dijana's unruly love for fashion and the opportunity to create moments and stories, 
as well as her meanwhile extensive network in the industry, enables her to work as a Freelancer,
and makes it possible to shape and convert her ideas with other great creative people.
She is an aestheticians in the soul, her work is variable, never the same, 
but always with a special note. Diversity and the eye for different perspectives, as well as points of view 
are helpful in her work as an artist. Dijana's different skills, in Styling, Art and Creative Direction, 
as well as Production, allow her to immerge into the Fashion Industry and enchain the productions.

For clients she is able to create and realize special projects, from finding the right idea 
(including brainstorming / moodboard / creative direction board) to the whole process of preparation 
(casting of models / team), finding the perfect location, organizing and scheduling the team, briefing, 
to the post processing. Dijana will accompany her clients at their side and support and advice them 
in every step, if needed. 
Dijana is an open-minded person with a positive aura, which induces a pleasant and productive atmosphere 
on the set. Receiving gratifying feedbacks about her work and personality are encouraging Dijana to keep 
putting all the necessary work and effort into upcoming projects. 

The different skills (Styling / Direction / Production) can be independently booked.  



Interview with Dijana Zeravica for the Beautiful Savage Magazine Team
"Inspiration im Unerwarteten. Ästhetikerin. Erfindet sich gerne neu." - asym. Magazine 

"If you have missed her unique choices of finest photographs and fashion art, you should start following her now.Before assuming her current positions, Dijana already spent a long fashion shaped career coming from a fashion design study in Vienna.
The German-based deputy EIC and Head of Social Media distinguishes herself by an excellent eye for eminent and characteristic fashion shoots. As a Creative Director of the loveFMD Magazine, Dijana has fortified her place within the fashion industry as an influential fashion editor." 
-  FMD